I am a passionate front-end developer with a love for technology and music. With over 4 years of experience, I have gained solid skills in developing responsive and interactive user interfaces. I enjoy working on challenging projects that involve problem-solving and creating innovative solutions. As a technology enthusiast, I am always learning new skills and exploring emerging technologies. I have had the opportunity to work on high-impact projects that have reached over 90 million users. This experience has taught me to work under pressure, enhance my project management skills, and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams in demanding environments.

Employment History

  • FullStack Developer

    Brand Monitor

    09.2023 - Momento

    - Utilizing Golang to develop internal portals, robots, and web crawlers, boosting system efficiency and functionality.

    - Implementing effective solutions with ReactJS and NestJS to overcome challenges and meet company demands.

    - Using MongoDB for efficient data management, ensuring system robustness and scalability.

    - Managing development, staging, and production environments, ensuring consistency and reliability of implemented versions.

    - Playing an active role in QA, promoting test-driven development and creating detailed test cases.

    - Guiding the testing team throughout the project, ensuring the quality and integrity of developed systems.

    - Collaborating in internet brand protection for large clients in Brazil and internationally, expanding company visibility and reputation.

    - Proficient in AWS S3 Bucket for efficient data storage, RabbitMQ for Pub/Sub implementation, and secure authentication with JWT.

    - Effectively utilized Redux and Context API for frontend state management, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience.

  • Software Analyst

    Ericsson Inovação S.A

    05.2021 - 04.2023

    - Successfully leading the migration of repositories from TortoiseSVN to GitLab, significantly enhancing efficiency and collaboration among teams.

    - Actively contributing to elevate the quality of critical VIVO - Telefônica applications, reaching over 90 million people through comprehensive testing and proactive defect resolution.

    - Demonstrating expertise in languages like Ruby, Java, and advanced skills in data management using Oracle PL/SQL and MongoDB.

    - Specialized in resolving complex challenges and integrating systems to drive progress and innovation.

  • Full Cycle Developer

    - Driving significant improvements in a course sales platform using technologies like React, Node.js, and MySql, enhancing user experience and sales results.

    - Efficiently managing Web Host and Cloud with CPANEL, applying agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban to optimize processes.

    - Demonstrating advanced knowledge in Git for version control, ensuring efficient source code management.

    - Contributing to the successful development of an innovative vital signs monitoring application and wearable technology, combining IoT, Python, and web platforms to deliver a complete solution.